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10 August 2014: Governor of Mahra passes away
We were very sorry to learn that the Governor of Mahra passed away. We offer our condolences to the family members.

13 May 2014: Results of the survey
In summary, 34,666 Mahris were polled and 98.7% of them rejected the proposed federal division with Hadramawt.

22 April 2014: Poll on the government proposal to integrate Mahra with Hadramawt
If you are from Mahra, please answer the question about the integration of Mahra and Hadramawt into a single region under the federal proposal. Please note that it is politically neutral. 

لكل من يسكن في المهرة: الرجاء منك جوابك لسؤال عن الشكل المناسب لمشاركة المهرة في اليمن الفيدرالي

ملاحظة مهمة: هذا السؤال حيادي تماما بالنسبة للسياسة

22 February 2014: Peaceful protest in Mahra
Rare protests took place today in Yemen's extensive Mahra governorate. The protests were peaceful and well organised. Tribesmen came out in droves to speak out against Mahra being bundled into a single region under neighbouring Hadramawt. Historical grievances, including the forcible takeover of Mahra in 1967 by invading forces coming from Hadramawt as well as Hadramawt's increasing incursion in Mahri lands, makes this proposed region a highly emotive issue in Mahra. Mahra is not - at this point - protesting against a federal solution per se, but it will not accept being subsumed by Hadramawt. 


January 2014

Dr Elisabeth Kendall addressed the Cross-Tribal Congress in Mahra. Watch the address (in Arabic with English subtitles) here:

April 2013

Dr Elisabeth Kendall from Pembroke College, Oxford, was invited by the founders of MahraNGO to supervise the survey of public opinion. The first of its kind, the 32-question survey asked 2,000 Mahris about their needs and aspirations for the future. The results of this survey of public opinion in the Mahra region have now been processed. You can view a summary of the result at the MahraNGO website
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